Infinity Group sp. z o.o. - Producent odzieży ekskluzywnej i  specjalistycznej

Infinity Group Ltd was established in 1993 in Bartoszyce. It is a European market leader in the provision of premium segment clothing. Production and CMT service of both knitted and woven garments is the main area of activity of the company. Its production plant is equipped in hi-tech sewing and computer embroidery machines and devices.  The effectiveness of work of more than 200-person staff and their rich experience are a major source of the competitive advantage of the company.      

Infinity Group Ltd. mainly specialises in production of high-class outer garments of heavy knitwear – cardigans, pullovers, sweaters, knitwear – sports outfits, trousers, turtlenecks, blouses, polo shirts and dresses. The company also produces high quality garments from woven fabrics.